Chispa - A #DameMate Cocktail

The Chispa - a cocktail inspired by the spirited horse I rode in San Antonio de Areco. As was explained to me by a very kind gaucho, her name, "chispa," means "spark." And boy, did she ever live up to her name!

This drink, too, lives up to the name -- especially given that, in Spain, the word is also taken to mean "life of the party" and "sloshed." Don't say we didn't warn you ; )

Iced Dame Mate tea combines with citrus, alcohol, mint, and just a smidge of sugar for a refreshing cocktail that keeps you pepped (via mate's caffeine) while you get . . . well . . . chispa!


-BREW 1 cup of DAME MATE per serving, and allow to chill.

-JUICE 1 lime per serving.

-MEASURE 1 shot of liquor (we recommend tequila, rum, or vodka) per serving.

-MEASURE 1 tsp of sugar per serving.

-MIX lime juice, liquor, and sugar in a jar.

-SHAKE vigorously, until sugar has dissolved.

-POUR this mixture into your chilled DAME MATE.

-MUDDLE fresh mint leaves in the liquid mixture (we recommend doing this step in a large pitcher or jar).



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