Our original recipe. This classic blend of organic herbs and sustainably-sourced spices will make your taste buds sing! 


Chimichurri is traditionally used in Argentina as a much-loved pairing for steak, as well as an accompaniment to the beloved street sandwich, choripan. Our Gimme Chimmi recipe was formulated to match the traditional flavors found on the porteño streets where the sauce originated. Unlike the chimichurri you might find in your local grocery store, Gimme Chimmi is 100% organic! 

Gimme Chimmi is a dry herb blend. Our label includes a simple recipe so that you can create a delicious sauce using pantry items any day of the week! Before you know it, every dish will be a GIMME CHIMMI dish! 

Though traditionally used on meat, Gimme Chimmi is fabulous in vegetarian preparations as well. Try it as an addition to homemade salad dressings, sprinkled on scrambled eggs, applied to oven-roasted potatoes, or in bean soups. Add a tad to your next batch of homemade popcorn.


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