Organic chimichurri and yerba mate tea blends for adventurous eaters, cooks, and gourmands.

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Argentina: Home of the tango, full day grill-fests known as asados, and relaxed weekday lunch breaks. There, locals understand the importance of Vitamin P (P, for pleasure). Given these details we ask: Is it any coincidence that Argentina is the origin of chimichurri, the condiment? We don't think so... 

We're a husband and wife duo, consumed by food, and the other way around ; ) Long-term travels to Argentina brought chimichurri to our quickly enraptured attention. We made LOTS of the delicious condiment to give as favors at our wedding. Maybe it was just that we were newlyweds, but our guests claimed to love it, and we found it to be pretty darn tasty, ourselves.


We've made it time and time again, and used it in many varied recipes, vegetarian and carnivorous alike. We are happy to offer all kitchen adventurers our unique yet classic blend, as well as other delicious organic tea and herb creations!

Welcome to the GIMME CHIMMI store. Next time you're on a kitchen adventure, reach for GIMME CHIMMI for an easy, fresh, healthy dose of mealtime magic. Saludos, and enjoy!


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